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Chat back online.

JackTail | 10:16 PM December 17, 2016

Chat is now back online. Sorry about it being down so long

New users, all enabled.

JackTail | 09:37 PM December 10, 2016

We have enabled all users who have had email checks outstanding.
Sorry for the wait. I know it has been 6+ months for many of you but you should be able to login and stream now.

Apology .

JackTail | 01:23 PM May 05, 2016

Sorry we have not been very active recently. All the staff of the site have been busy with work and family over the past few months.

I personally have neglected the site and I hope to resolve all problems and support over the next few days.

We are working on fixing the email problem that has been caused by MandrillApp shutting down last month. We have been working on it for a few weeks but it is heavily built into the site so is taking time.

V3 is still in the works, just working on the chat and then we should be able to have a Beta test soon.

Happy holidays! .

JackTail | 02:40 AM December 25, 2015

Hope you are all having a great holiday season.

Here at FURSTRE.AM we would like to thank you all for another awesome year of streaming.
2015 has been a bit of a bumpy ride but we are close to 2016 now and still going.

We should have a lot in store for 2016 in terms of what is going on with the site.
Should see a few more convention streams throughout the year and fingers crossed the upgrade to the site.
This upgrade will fix a lot of the problem we are currently having with the site.

Of which, registration are working but it might take up to a day to get your registration email.
If you have not got it within a hour of registration then Tweet the username to us @LIVEFURSTREAM or put the username in this topic to get it activated.

Image uploads for background and avatar is still wonky. If you are unable to upload try a few times with 1 image at a time.

Love Fursuits?.

JackTail | 04:30 PM October 30, 2015

Go check out Fursuiter.net!

This is an awesome site where you can view and share photos of fursuits.
We hope to grow it into a large community site for the fursuiting community and fans.

Please share it with everyone!
Thank you.

Support the site!.

JackTail | 10:34 PM July 21, 2015

We rely on your support to keep this site running 24/7!

Please check out our Patreon and see if you can help too.
It means a lot so we thank each and everyone support we have on there!


Problems with Adobe Flash.

JackTail | 06:02 PM July 15, 2015

This is a short version of a much longer post, to view it all go to the link bellow for the forum post, you can also ask questions and talk about this issue there.

So a few people are reporting problems with Adobe Flash.

As the video feed on here primarily uses this, it is a problem for quite a few people.
If you are on MacOS or iOS and using Safari you wont have this problem as we already use 'HTML5 video'.

There is not much we can do to help those without Flash for now on browsers like FireFox that don't support it. The current status of 'HTML5 video' does not support live streams to well.

If you are on Chrome we will soon implement a fallback option so you can still get video without Flash.

We do advise you disable it for all sites and then white-list sites like FURSTRE.AM. This means it will only be enabled on sites you chose like this one. Improving your security.

I will keep you updated. If you need help please use the forum.


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Problems with Adobe Flash..

JackTail | 05:56 PM July 15, 2015

So a few people are reporting problems with Adobe Flash.

As the video feed on here primarily uses this it is a problem for quite a few people.
If you are on MacOS or iOS and using Safari you wont have this problem as we already use 'HTML5 video'.

'HTML5 video' is the next generation of video delivery, it does not use Flash and is in the most case better on older systems due to less things needing to run like the Flash player.
The problem with 'HTML5 video' is that in terms of live streaming video, it is not here yet. The support for it is limited in many browsers.

At the moment, the browsers that support it well are Chrome on all operating systems and Safari on iOS and OSx.
So browsers like IE on Windows and FireFox on all operating systems do not work.
Don't have flash? No video for you.

Sadly this has been the case for the last few years, it probably wont change any time soon.

What can we do?
Well not much.
We will implement 'HTML5 video' as soon as we can for Chrome, but Safari on O

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