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Sally Acorn: Uncomfortably Numb

Sally Acorn spent several years as a Roboticized minion of Dr. Julian Robotnik, doing his bidding against her will, watching herself kill friends, destroy lives, and do the bidding of the despicable despot. Through all of it, she felt no pain, felt no wind, rain, or sunshine. Internally, she was screaming, feeling like little more than a disembodied voice in her own head. When Robotnik was defeated, and she finally regained control over her own body, she broke down and wept. She could still feel emotion, but she could feel no touch. WHen her friends embraced her, It was more like the distant memory of a touch...Freedom was hers, but the damage was done, and she'd been modified enough that she could not be de-roboticized. she was trapped, at least, for now, in a body that felt alien to her. She cried, but no tears fell. What good were tear-ducts to a killing machine, after all?


  • Posted 28 Feb 2020 09:28
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